Hair/Nail Sample Custom Remedy

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This service includes: a 30 minute virtual consult with Dr. Chase & a Custom Oral Remedy sent to your address
Cost: $500
To accomplish this, you will send in 3 hair and 3 nail samples in a plastic bag.
Since the sample vibrates at your specific frequency, it is read on our frequency digitizer.  Toxins act like static noise on a radio, and do the same to your body.  The frequency digitizer will pick up on any toxic frequencies, flip them and create remedy frequencies that are placed in a prepared dropper bottle.  Next, additional testing is done to find out what energetic hypersensitivities are occurring and are added to the bottle.  This is accomplished in two ways, evaluative kinesiology (Muscle) testing and magnetic feel testing.  Then, reverse frequencies to toxins will be digitized.  When they are touching the hair/nail sample, the muscle will be stronger if the reverse frequency to the toxin is needed, and the person does have the energetic hypersensitivity to that toxin.  If weak, it is not needed.  This test is verified with the magnetic feel test.  Reverse frequencies to toxins that are needed will be more sticky when run across the hair/nail sample.  Once everything is tested, the additional remedy frequencies that a person needs is added to the bottle. You are then sent a list of energetic hypersensitivities to toxins in writing and directions on how to orally take it. The bottle is also packaged with protection from EMF's during the shipping process.  
By taking these reverse frequencies orally, toxins are removed from the cells.  When toxins are in the cell or sticking and cannot leave, that is when they are most toxic, and their charge keeps them there.  By adding the reverse frequency of the toxin to the cell, the toxin's charge is eliminated through destructive interference, and is then able to leave the cell.  When the toxins have left the cell, the body has less resistance making new cells that work.