Our journey first began when Dr. Chase, D.C. grew chronically ill following a hydrocele surgery in high school. Post-op anti-inflammatories burned large ulcers in his stomach. And medications prescribed for his gut issues lead to lack of digestion, extreme fatigue, nausea, and hair and weight loss. After 16 months his family had met with specialists from around the country in multiple fields of medicine, yet had no answers. Even the Mayo Clinic informed them he had seen the specialists that trained them and there was nothing they could do. 
In the summer of 2008 Chase found an integrative doctor by the name of Jerry Tennant, MD in Texas. Upon meeting Dr. Tennant Chase had lost 50 lbs. (as a previously thriving athlete) and had a heart rate of 36 bpm (average 60-100) and blood pressure of 80/40 (average 120/80). This doctor began piecing together the causes of Chase's illness and confidently told him, "I don't know what got you sick, but I'm going to get you better." 
From that day on his health paradigm shifted to an entire new level through protocols using voltage, frequencies, physics, nutrition and toxicity. After strictly following these protocols Chase began to notice a difference within two weeks and was completely healed within a year. 
This experience allowed Dr. Chase to discover his passion of helping others learn to heal on their own. He has also been blessed to serve along side and mentor under a variety of world renowned specialists in their respected fields. 
Dr. Chase met his wife and co-founder of Healing Playbook, Ashley Faldmo, during recovery of his illness. She has a great passion for learning new healing techniques as well. Ashley is currently an Emotion Code Practitioner and mother to their three children. As a family they love anything sports related, socializing with family and friends, and working out together.
Dr. Chase Faldmo, D.C. graduated from Parker University as a Doctor of Chiropractic and holds a certificate of completion from The Society of Toxicology in Contribution of Mitochondria to Drug-Induced Organ Toxicities.